Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time Flies

Has it really been so long? So much has happened. I lost track of this damn thing.

I got fired from my job not long after my last post here. I'm working two security jobs now. It's busy, so it's better for me. Otherwise I just hang around my apartment.

Then, a few weeks after that, I came to find out the girl I was engaged to was cheating on me. With my best friend. Second worst moment of my life, walking into our bedroom in the apartment we were sharing, only to find the slut in bed with that bastard. I left. Just what I needed in my life, right? More bad shit. I think this is right before I started smoking too.

Other than that, I've been avoiding everyone. Friends, family, the internet. I play Halo, work, eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. It isn't much of a life, but it's easier to just keep distracted. I don't want to think about... Well, everything.

I've gotten over a lot of my anger, I guess. I don't hate Samantha anymore, although she isn't my favorite person in the world. And I can kind of even understand why she might have wanted Gabe along. That doesn't make any of this better, but at least I'm a little understanding now. I'm sure V still wants my head on a pike, but it doesn't matter.

Long story short, Mike and Raph both stopped by for a surprise visit, then proceeded to drag me out. They wanted me to live a little or something. It was... Fun? I guess? It was mostly just uncomfortable for me. I was honestly afraid they were going to smell the cigarettes on me and beat my ass. Guess I got lucky this time. Or, at least, I got lucky if Mike doesn't read this and find out anyway. Oh well.

I might start reading more into Slender Man if I decided to start getting on the computer again. According to Mike, there's another kid missing now, same issues as before. Only this case is "weird". More traditional, again I'm quoting Mike here, based off the blogs. Apparently they're normally stalked for months until they up and disappear. Whatever. I'm just security at the grocery store and Walmart.

Wow my life sucks.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well, hell


Apparently, Mike feels I need to talk to someone. And since I refuse to talk to him or Raph, he has decided that it needs to be this effing thing.

Yes, Mike, top of my list of things to do is ACTIVELY be on the website that lead to our little brother's death. And yes, I see you glaring at me and making sure I'm typing. I'm not five, Mike, you do not need to watch me to make sure I am behaving still.

Can't you go pester Raph or--

Shit. Still can't get used to Gabe not being here.

Gah, do you know what it's like? To know you're never ever going to see your baby brother again because some psychopath who was seeing a tall, faceless suited thing decided she wanted to drag him into her delusional fantasies?

It pisses me off that she had to make Gabe crazy in the process too. And then they both died in the fire with some poor crippled woman, who apparently was also crazy. But at least she tried to put a roof over my brother's head for a while, so I can't say I hate her as much as Samantha.

And don't get me started on fucking V. Getting all pissed off at me when all I did was tell the truth. She didn't have to go in and look at the charred remains of her run-away baby brother, who was only a few months from graduating high school when he vanished. She didn't have to listed to her mom crying and help comfort her family during a funeral that shouldn't have happened.

I say I'm not going to use this thing and I just ranted for like 10 minutes.

This was supposed to be an introductory post, wasn't it?

Uh. Hi. I'm Uriel. My older brothers are Raph and Mike. I was the awkward middle child, until they found Gabe's body in the home of this "Echo" chick. I've suddenly become the baby of the house, and quite honestly, I preferred the awkward middle position. My brothers and I get along really well, most of the time. Mike keeps us in line, Raph is hot-headed and over-protective, I'm a little more mellow and emotional, and Gabe... Gabe is-- was, the most emotional of the four of us. He was a little less out going, too. But he was the baby of the family.

Sometimes I kind of with it was me. I feel like it might have been at least a little easier for everyone [Shut up and stop reading over my shoulder, Raph. Mike wants me to spill my guts, so I am]. Despite what my older brothers are saying[still too close guys, I can feel your breath on my neck. Last warning before I shove you], I'm not the first born Hero like Mikey-boy[Yes, I know it pisses you off when I call you that. That's why I did it], And I'm not the goofball that Raffy-kins is[I don't care if that's mom's name for you, it's still funny], and I haven't been the little baby of the family like Gabe.

So there, Mike, are you happy? I told the internet how I feel.